Explosion Proof Forklift Conversions

Explosion Proof Technology Added to Existing Products with Worldwide Third Party Explosion Proof Certifications

Miretti Americas carries out Explosion Proof Forklift Conversions for diesel and electric units by numerous manufacturers and is used by companies in at least 50 different countries worldwide. Miretti Americas will incorporate their explosion proof expertise combined with the quality and design of the OEM’s modern design in delivering an integrated Explosion Proof forklift for use in hazardous environments.

Our designs do not alter the operation of the OEM forklift, nor do we compromise the footprint of the unit. The converted vehicle functions in the same way as the standard vehicle and provides explosion proof protection. Miretti offers the highest safety standards and options for operators’ ergonomic comfort and safety.

Classified to Global Safety
Standards for use in:

North American Class I, Divisions 1 & 2,
Groups C & D Environments and European ATEX 94/9/EX Directive for Zones 1 & 2.