Miretti Americas is dedicated to ensuring the explosion proof conversions are always maintained and supported.

Our dedicated personnel is available to answer all questions and assist in providing parts and support as quickly as possible.

Miretti maintains a high level of communication with our dealer network to provide support for all conversions, working hand in hand with the OEMs to provide parts support to reduce downtime to a minimum.

Please click on the link below to be directed to our aftermarket sales & support representative.

We can guarantee:

Training program for service engineers

On Line assistance to certified participants

Parts available in stock for up to 10 years

Annual periodic control of all converted vehicles

Intervention reports management

Engineering Excellence in Ex and a Technical Department with specialized mechanical and technical engineers

The Miretti after-sales service, present in most countries, ensures fast response times, dedicated assistance, telephone and on-site support and the availability of specific spare parts for more than ten years to help maintain constant productivity for customers.

Conversions are studied and implemented using solutions that simplify and speed up machinery maintenance. Maintenance interventions are carried out by skilled personnel, authorised and trained for the purpose in our head offices.

The Miretti After-Sales Service and the availability of local technical support through training courses for service engineers (carried out at the Milan HQ or locally when available) will support the client step by step in ensuring continuous uptime and protection of their environment.

Annual and/or three yearly Safety Audits for the Ex protection system are available on request.

Technical Training

With the issuing of relative certification:

For diesel and electric goods handling vehicles

For electricity-generating sets (powegen etc.)

Telephone and On-line support

For the maintenance and repair of all Miretti explosion-proof converted vehicles and equipment

Maintenance manuals and replacement part catalogue

Updated in many languages and supplied with the products

10 year

10 year minimum replacement parts stock guarante