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Need intro Miretti Americas is dedicated to the education and training of its conversions to our dealer network and end users.

Miretti offers training to ensure the certification remains intact.

Our dedicated trainer will offer explosion proof training so the equipment will remain in compliance with the North American Standards as well as the worldwide certifications we offer.

Miretti Americas has taken a major step forward with a significant investment in the latest EX technologies to provide efficiency, modern solutions and advanced designs that meet the needs of today’s industries. All Explosion Proof Miretti Americas Equipment has been tested and approved by not only Nationally, but also Internationally Recognized Testing Laboratories and comply with or exceed the UL 583, UL 1203 and UL 1604 Standards for Safety and the International Safety standards abroad. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) writes Standards for Safety that are compatible with the U.S. National Electric Code and other nationally recognized installation, building and safety codes.

Miretti Americas can ensure reliable Ex conversions also in compliance with Atex, IECEx, CNEx and other worldwide standards and regulations thanks the relationship with all Miretti’s network and the other Miretti’s production facilities around the world.

We will offer training in the following:

Explosion Proof Guidelines
Unit and maintenance Training Overview

Preventive Maintenance (PM)
Unit troubleshooting and Electrical schematics analysis
Unit corrective maintenance