Rider Counterbalanced Explosion Proof Forklift

The RCEX stand up end control counterbalanced rider is a material handling Warehouse Workhorse. The unit has an ergonomically designed operators compartment featuring easy rear entry with side stance operator handling and viewing. The compartment also features a wrap around , fully padded operator backrest with lumbar support and padded arm rest as well as a cushion floor mat. The compartment comes complete with an operator convenience station.

  • This 36 volt unit has AC transistor traction and hydraulic control with dual AC traction motors and an AC hydraulic pump motor. The RCEX is further designed with a multi-function control handle, on demand rack and pinion power steering, directional forward automotive steering as well as regenerative braking, electric horn and back-up alarm. The RCEX is focused on operator comfort and safety to allow the operator to work more productively; it is an ideal warehouse forklift.


Classified to Global Safety Standards by UL for use in:

Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C & D;

Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Group G and

Class III, Divisions 1 & 2 Environments.