Explosion Protections Special Vehicles

Case History

Miretti Group are investing every year in New Technologies and Innovative Solutions. The conversions have been designed and implemented with the most advanced technologies and with the help of solutions to simplify equipment maintenance, thus reducing intervention.

We can Explosion Proof Protect a lot of different types of vehicles, special trucks, heavy duty solutions because we work worldwide with the most important OEM: EX Special Vehicles. Miretti Global annually protects over 1000 diesel and electric vehicles. Our products are in compliace with the most important standard & regulatios: ATEX, IECEx, CNEx, NEC.

Miretti EX Systems enable trucks to be operated in paints/coatings, pharma, food&flavours, inks, bottled gases, aerosols, army, oil&gas industries. Miretti Group is also in compliance with EN1755 standard mandstory from November 2017.

Below you can see some of our main and most recent special projects. For more informations, please contact our team at sales.department@miretti.com.

An example of Flexibility & Reliability in the Atex field? Underground applications!

LPG Trucks Atex Explosion Proof Protected with GasChecker

Iveco 4×4 Defence Trucks Atex Explosion Proof Protected for Underground Environments

Atex Explosion Proof Aerial Lifts Haulotte & Miretti

Atex Explosion Proof Washing Machine

Toyota MH & Miretti: the collaboration in the Explosion Proof Protections all over the world

When the complexity of a Ex conversion is not an issue thanks to Research&Development and Technical Know-How

The latest Atex Ex Solutions for forklifts safety in Hazardous Areas (material handling sector)

WEBUILD GROUP & MIRETTI = Major Works and Atex Safety, “Green” Eco-Friendly in Explosion Risk Areas

NEW ATEX PLUGS AND SOCKETS Innovative System | Ergonomic | Compact

Miretti represents Atex market in “Forklift Special Ed.” of LOGISTICA MANAGEMENT, the specialized magazine for material handling Italian market

Miretti explosion proof Li-Ion Batteries Technology

Jungheinrich & Miretti: for many years the collaboration for Atex solutions has been active

International contractors are counting on Miretti Group for international projects.

The collaboration with Akzo Nobel: Atex Explosion Proof Toyota, Hyster, Yale trucks

Not only standard Atex forklifts! The explosion proof multidirectional sideloaders, Ex “special forklifts”…

Where is your Explosion Proof Atex truck?

BYD trucks with lithium battery explosion proof protected for Atex Zone by Miretti: now a reality!

Proud to be “Reliable” in Atex Protections for Heavy Duty Machines

Miretti & Jungheinrich: the collaboration for Atex conversions goes on across the Asian market too

Atex Explosion Proof Conversions of forklifts powered by Lithium Iron-Phosphate Battery

Miretti Gas Checker: a quick and cost-effective solution for an additional Safety

Linde & Miretti together: Explosion Protections for trucks in Safety

Hyster J3.5XN Truck Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zone 1

Explosion Proof Casagrande PG185: Drill Deep in Safety for a Green Environment

Explosion Proof Material Handling and Construction Equipment

Many truck brands explosion proof protected under EE conversion

Do you really know what it means Explosion Proof convert a vehicle?

EE explosion proof conversion from Miretti SEA Singapore

CATERPILLAR Heavy Duty Explosion Proof Machines for material handling

Still RX 70-70 explosion proof converted for Atex Zone 1

CAT, Astra Iveco, Manitou, Dieci, Casagrande… in Miretti’ plants for the explosion protections

Explosion Proof BOOMER Atlas Copco ready for Hazardous Areas (Atex Group I M2)

Still EXU 20 with AME | EGOproSafeMove have been Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zone

L.B. Bohle Telescope Lifter explosion protected by Miretti SEA – Singapore

BAOLI forklifts explosion proof protected for Hazardous Locations

CESAB forklift explosion proof protected for Hazardous Areas

Volvo Wheel Loader L90H just arrived in Miretti plant for the explosion proof conversion

Tow Tractor SIMAI Atex explosion proof protected by Miretti

Microdrilling Explosion Proof Protected for safe use in Hazardous Areas (mines and tunnels)

Explosion Protection Forklift by Miretti Americas: another new winning project from USA

Fleet of ATX Alkè electric utility vehicles Ex protected for Atex Zones (1 and 2)

Rough Terrain Crane Flameproof Converted for Hazardous Areas (Underground work)

Explosion Proof Electric Pick & Carry Cranes for Atex Zone 1

Unicarriers Corporation relies on Miretti Explosion Protections for trucks

Explosion Proof Machinery for Underground work

Lifting Trolleys Hovmand explosion proof protected for Atex Zones

Anti-Particulate Ecological Device for Off Road vehicles: Innovative Solution

Flexi Narrow Aisle Group have chosen Miretti for Explosion Proof Protections of their Acion trucks

Conbilift Pedestrian Stackers Ex protected for Atex Zones

Cifa Portable Pumps explosion protected for Atex Underground Areas

Still EXD18 Explosion Proof with DetEx, Active Protection and Gas Detection Systems for Atex Zone 2

Miretti Gas Checker: Truck Monitoring Gas Detection System for Non Classified Areas

Linde Material Handling has chosen Miretti SEA for Explosion Protections of their trucks

Toyota and BT trucks Explosion Proof protected in Miretti SEA

Floor washer/Scrubber Gansow Explosion Protected for Atex Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22

Ex Atex CAT Caterpillar Trucks for Hazardous Location

New Miretti Atex Rental Forklifts

Yale forklifts Ex converted in Miretti SEA, production facility based in Singapore

Heavy Duty Explosion Proof Solutions for vehicles that work in mines & tunnels environments

Jungheinrich trucks explosion proof protected for Hazardous Areas (ATEX and IECEx standard)

Innovative Project : LPG powered Forklifts Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zone 2 and 22 (gas): Yale fleet

HELI truck explosion converted for Atex Zone 1

Zallys electric vehicles and movers Ex protected for Hazardous Locations

Utility Vehicles Explosion Proof Protected

Carer E70 electric truck Explosion Proof Protected Class I Div.1 (U.S.A. standards)

Crown trucks Explosion Proof Converted for Hazardous Areas

Some of many BT trucks recently Explosion Proof Protected for Hazardous Areas

Clark fleet trucks Explosion Proof Converted for Hazardous Areas

OMG Industry trucks Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zones

DOOSAN Trucks recently Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zone 2 3G equipment

Ulma inox trucks Explosion proof Protected for Atex Zones

Scrubber Amber Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zone. Not only forklifts

Some of many Toyota trucks explosion proof protected for Atex Zones recently

Still and Miretti together for Explosion Proof Protections in Hazardous Areas

Hyundai Trucks Explosion Proof Protected Cat C. (warehouses where explosives are stored)

Manitou Truck Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zone

Hyster Trucks Atex Explosion Proof Protect recently

Linde Trucks Atex Explosion Proof Protected recently

Genie Aerial Lifts Ex Protected Atex Zone 2 and Class I Div.1-2

JLG Lift Equipment Ex Protected Atex Zone 2

Hitachi Excavator Atex Explosion Protected for Atex Zone Group I M2 (Mines&Tunnels)

Hitachi Wheel Loader Atex Explosion Protected for Mines&Tunnels Application

Miretti Atex Explosion Protection for Atlas Copco BOOMER for underground application

Volvo L90H Explosion Proof Protected for Zone 21

Tower Light Zone ATEX 2 IIB T3 It can be transported. It is suitable to be used in Oil&Gas, Mines and Tunnels environments during every type of weather condition both indoors and outdoors

Tractor ATA for airport/industrial use (great weights) Explosion Proof Protected for working in hazardous locations

Cranes/lifting equipment Explosion Proof Protected for hazardous locations (Atex Zone 1)

Some of the latest trucks Explosion Proof Portected. Miretti Group is an Approved ATEX and Ex conversion supplier to all leading truck manufacturers

Telescopic forklift Ex Converted by Miretti Group for ATEX Zone 21 Cat. 2D for Dust Atmosphere. Sugar Industry Application

Heavy Duty Solutions for mines and tunnels: wheel loaders Hitachi Ex protected for Atex M2 Group 1 (underground)

Scissorlifts Airo Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zone 1 IIB T4. Aerospace-Avionic applications

MITSUBISHI TRUCKS FD25NT Explosion Proof Protected for Zone 1 3G ATEX

Earthmoving Machines: Three wheel loaders Liebherr L586 explosion proof protected for Atex Zone 22 Cat. 3D IIIB T200°C hazardous areas (dust)

Manitou Special Trucks Explosion Proof Protected Ex in compliance with Class I Div.2 regulations

Still – ATM Moerdijk – Miretti: 7 Explosion Proof Trucks for Safety in Hazardous Areas ATEX

The first ATEX Truck with Lithium Battery: the collaboration between BYD and Miretti to reach “Innovation” for clients. Anti-static seat and anti-static tyres

Mines and Tunnels: Safety is the priority