for over 45 years (since 1973) Miretti Group has developed high quality know-how and expertise in Systems to reduce and eliminate toxic emissions/exhaust pollutions that can be released into the atmosphere which originated from boilers and internal combustion engines.

Exhaust Purification Systems & Emission Control Devices in agreement with local standards and regulations

DeNOx SCR Systems • OXY Metallic Catalytic Converters (for heavy, medium, light power) • Oxidation Catalysts for CO and VOC reduction (turbines & boilers) • OXY CO Special Substrates for Biogas • Anti-Pollution and Anti-Particulate Ecological Device • Water Purifier • Soot Filter (Diesel Particulate Matter Filter) etc…

Application Fields

1. Power Plants                                                               5. Land Fills

2. Generators Sets                                                          6. Marine

3. Cogeneration Plants                                                   7. Mines

4. Industrial (Chemical | Oil& Gas Industries etc….)   8. On and Off Road Vehicles

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Engineering Expertise

Miretti Systems are applicable to engine burining: Diesel, Natural Gas, Biogas, Syngas, Vegetal Oil, Animal Fat etc…


CO carbon monoxide


Particulate and PM10


HC hydrocarbons


NOx nitrogen oxides

Fields in which our Emission Control Systems work

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DeNOx SCR Systems

DeNOx SCR for Cogeneration Systems. Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) abatement and reduction up to 99%.

OXY Metallic Catalytic Converters

Oxidative Catalytic Converters (heavy, medium, light power from 2 kw to 4.300 kw)

Anti-Pollution and Anti-Particulate Ecological Device

Innovative Solution and “Green Upgrade” for Off Road Vechicles. Oxidation Catalyzer and Accelerator

CatOX Special Substrates for Biogas

Oxy Special Substrates with Special Coating for Biogas Application (CO reduction)

Water Purifiers| Mufflers

The water purifier / muffler (M and H series), exclusively applicable to diesel engines, is made of a cylindrical body.

Soot Filter

Diesel Particulate Matter Filter.

Miretti Emission Control Systems

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THE BEGINNING Miretti Emission Control Systems 

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