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Remanufacturing Program is an alternative to purchasing a brand new truck. The Program remanufactures your existing Explosion Proof truck to the most up-to-date standards by following a comprehensive 21 step process.


The Miretti Americas Remanufacturing Program places your existing truck through the same rigorous manufacturing procedures as new trucks. Your truck is re-fabricated right next to new trucks to ensure the desired end result for our customers.

The Remanufacturing Program employs our 21 Step Program to return your explosion proof truck to its original condition and update the technology to current standards.

The 21 step process includes complete disassembly of truck, sandblasting of frame and performing required bodywork before painting. Prior to complete reassembly - all electrical, mechanical, drive and hydraulics systems are refurbished, replaced or updated.

Once remanufacturing is complete, we issue a written recertification of EX labels and institute a new truck warranty.

Contact Technical Services at 973-808-8399 for further details and a
complete 21 step checklist.

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Miretti Americas is a
global leader in Explosion
Proof Solutions, combining Excalibur's expertise in the Americas Explosion Proof Market and Miretti's extensive
knowledge of the
European and Asian Markets. Worldwide distribution of our product line includes: Electric
and Diesel Explosion Proof equipment, customized
Explosion Proof solutions
and integrations.