Here are just some of the highlights…

RP-EX Multi-Function Control Handle

Our new and improved operator-friendly control handle has an intuitive design to help drivers boost productivity. The ergonomic handle and adjustable steering tiller allows for adjustable positions and ease of function controls at the operator’s fingertips. Multiple speed settings and electric power steering creates ease of operation for the user.

  Ergonomically Friendly Operator Compartment
Our new end control stand up rider exemplifies ease of hop on/ hop off operation and an operator's compartment with an expanded comfort zone
  1. Wrap around, Padded Operator Backrest and padded arm rest
  2. Operator Convenience station-Storage areas, beverage and clipboard holders
  3. Easy entrance and exit with a low step height into the operator compartment
  4. Operator presence system
  5. Cushioned floor mats

Compact design & ease of operation

The RP-EX combines a compact footprint as well as a tight turning radius fora safer and more productive operational performance. No longer does the operator need to stand behind a heavy load. The operator may now stand inside the foot print of the unit combing both safety and efficiency. The AC motor aides in more reliability and less down time due to costly maintenance intervals.

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Miretti Americas is a
global leader in Explosion
Proof Solutions, combining Excalibur's expertise in the Americas Explosion Proof Market and Miretti's extensive
knowledge of the
European and Asian Markets. Worldwide distribution of our product line includes: Electric
and Diesel Explosion Proof equipment, customized
Explosion Proof solutions
and conversions.