Miretti Americas at OTC Exhibition 2018 (Houston, Texas)

From April 30th – May 3rd, Miretti Americas participated in the 2018 OTC Exhibition in Houston, TX. This year’s focus was Miretti Explosion Protection Systems for Engines: Zone 2 (ATEX) Kits, IECEx, Class I Div. 1-2 (USA Market) and TIER 4.

Miretti conversions include marine engines and industrial engines with dry exhaust manifold and turbochanger too to meet ATEX temperature class requirements.

Also featured at OTC was the Miretti FilterEX catalytic self-cleaning exhaust flame traps. The patented Miretti FilterEX system enables Zone 2 diesel engine equipment to operate for up to 1,000 hours before the exhaust flame trap(s) need to be checked and eventually cleaned. The System is available for different types of engines: < 110 kw; 60-120 kw; 121-250 kw; 251-499 kw; 500-800 kw;> 800 kw.

Booth visitors also had the opportunity to view the innovative Miretti CoatEx which provides a thermal barrier between hot engine surfaces (e.g. turbochargers and exhaust manifolds) and the external atmosphere. Enables the OEM “dry” turbocharger and manifold to be retained minimizing risk of failure by fitting non OEM turbo and water cooled manifold.

All Miretti Ex Solutions Diesel Engine Hazardous Packages are certified in compliance with ATEX 2014/34/EU, IECEx, CNEx, NEC 500 standards and regulations.

Miretti’s Ex Kits include features designed, tested and certified to prevent an ignition source from causing an explosion to support the equipment of our clients. Explosion Proof Protection Miretti Kits for Engines are available with the following: Miretti FilterEx, Shut Down Valve, Inlet Flame Arrestor, Manifold and Turbine with Miretti patended CoatEx, Alternator, Starter Motor, and Crankcase Breather Flame Arrestor.

Miretti Americas is a
global leader in Explosion
Proof Solutions, combining Excalibur's expertise in the Americas Explosion Proof Market and Miretti's extensive
knowledge of the
European and Asian Markets. Worldwide distribution of our product line includes: Electric
and Diesel Explosion Proof equipment, customized
Explosion Proof solutions
and conversions.