Industries Served

There is a wide range of Industries that require the use of EX and DX Equipment.

Paint as a mist or spray is highly flammable. Material Handling Equipment used in commercial, recreational or military aircraft painting requires Explosion Proof Technology to safeguard against potential explosions.

Paint in mist and spray form is highly flammable. Material Handling Equipment used in the painting of passenger cars, light trucks, buses and commercial trucks painting process requires Explosion Proof Technology to safeguard against potential explosion.

The Chemical industry deals with potentially explosive materials in almost all aspects of their business. Chemical manufacturing areas require Explosion Proof equipment for materials handling, processing and facilities maintenance. Miretti Americas patented diesel equipment technology has a large presence in this industry.

Construction of infrastructure projects often requires tunneling through the rock above or underground, or digging through swamp and landfills. These activities release large quantities of very explosive methane gas. Our patented Diesel Explosion Proof conversions provide the required protection along with an appreciable reduction in exhaust gas emissions.

Spirits and alcohol are flammable. Beer brewing, distilleries and wine fermenting plants all handle large quantities of flammable liquids. Industrial fork lift trucks used to move vats and drums in these operations require the use of Explosion Proof Technology. Our EX Technology has been used extensively in this industry.

Explosives and Munitions
Powders used in making bombs, gun shells or other ammunition products are highly combustible. Ordnance plants and ammunition depots are important customers of Explosion Proof Technology. Industrial fork lifts with our EX Technology can be found in many of these facilities.

Mining and Coal
Underground coal mines have a work environment heavily infiltrated by coal dust. Vehicles used in these operations, by regulation, require Explosion Proof protection. All varieties of machines used in underground coal mines are candidates for our Explosion Proof Technology. Large manufacturers of these machines have consistently used our explosion proof solutions.

Nuclear Power
Nuclear power plants have large waste water treatment facilities on site. These facilities need to handle large buss bar assemblies. Explosion Proof Forklifts with non sparking surfaces including forks safeguard against explosions caused by sparking or arcing. Nuclear power plants in Europe and US are customers of our Explosion Proof Lift Trucks.

Ingredients used in paint manufacturing are flammable and need appropriate environmental protection. Disposition of waste (sometimes using on site waste water treatment facility) from the manufacturing process also entails handling of hazardous waste. In each case, paint manufacturers require the use of explosion proof trucks. Our Explosion Proof solutions have been sold to all major paint manufacturing facilities in US and Europe.

The oil and gas industry is one of the biggest users of explosion proof solutions. Off shore oil drilling rigs requires Explosion Proof protection on their diesel engines. Hulls and decks of these rigs specify Explosion Proof fork lift trucks for their materials handling needs. This industry uses our products and solutions.

The pharmaceutical industry operates under very stringent cleanliness guidelines. They often require stainless steel lift trucks with special attachments to handle bins and vats used to handle chemicals in manufacturing processes. Major pharmaceutical companies in US and Europe have been long term customers of our member companies.

The plastics industry uses many different kinds of chemicals in the manufacturing of their end products. From household goods to pipes required to pump oil and gas, all plastic manufacturing processes use combustible chemicals. Material handling equipment used in this environment requires Explosion Proof protection. Our patented diesel engine explosion proof solutions are well received by these customers.

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