Markings for Explosion Proof Equipment

Only EX, ATEX EX, and DX Equipment that has been tested and approved for use in Hazardous Classified Areas by the appropriate recognized testing laboratory can be marked accordingly.Equipment approved for use in Hazardous Classified Areas must be designated with a specific marker.  All Explosion Proof Equipment must be clearly identified with the appropriate Marker and signs must be posted at the entrances to Explosion Proof environments.  Miretti Americas applies the appropriate EX, ATEX EX or DX marker to each piece of Explosion Proof Equipment in a prominent position.

EX and DX Markers

The EX and DX marking in compliance with NFPA 505 and UL 583 for identifying Type Designation EX and DX Industrial Trucks is illustrated below.


ATEX Explosion Proof Marker (Electric and Diesel)
To ensure compliance with the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive, equipment must meet with the essential requirements specified in the Directive and be marked with the CE marking and is entitled to display the distinctive ATEX EX mark.


Warning Label
Explosion Proof Equipment must be visibly marked with "a statement calling attention to the necessity for keeping the enclosures of electrical parts and wiring tightly assembled while in hazardous areas." UL 583 48.1d. 

All Miretti Americas Explosion Proof Equipment are marked with the following warning label:

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