Europe & Asia Standards

ATEX refers to the European Unions (EU) Directive 94/9/EC. To ensure compliance with the Directive, equipment must meet with the essential requirements specified in the Directive and be marked with the CE marking. A Notified body is independent of the product manufacturer and assesses conformity of the products and the manufacturer with the Directive. The Notified Body has to be approved and appointed by its government.

The ATEX Directive 94/9/EC Covers:

  • Equipment and products that have potential ignition sources.
  • Protective Systems - products that control the effects of incipient explosions.
  • Safety Devices - products that may be outside a potentially explosive atmosphere but that have an explosion safety function.
  • Components - products that are intended to form parts of equipment or protective systems.

All CE marked Miretti Americas Equipment have been tested and approved by a Notified Body (Internationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) and comply with or exceed the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC requirements.

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Miretti Americas is a
global leader in Explosion
Proof Solutions, combining Excalibur's expertise in the Americas Explosion Proof Market and Miretti's extensive
knowledge of the
European and Asian Markets. Worldwide distribution of our product line includes: Electric
and Diesel Explosion Proof equipment, customized
Explosion Proof solutions
and integrations.