What is Diesel Explosion Proof (DX)?

DX is the explosion protection for all types of Diesel Powered Industrial Equipment. By enclosing or eliminating all ignition sources and regulating temperatures, DX Equipment is safe for use in areas containing explosive or flammable materials. The design and construction of Miretti Americas DX Equipment permit their classification as Diesel Explosion Proof (DX) with full certification and enable their use in designated explosive and hazardous atmospheres

DX Advantage

Miretti Americas DX product line is Diesel Explosion Proof equipment designed to operate in both indoor and outdoor hazardous applications. The most powerful Explosion Proof equipment, DX is ideal for oil rigs, oil refineries, petrochemical applications, aerospace facilities, military installations, defense applications and pharmaceutical applications

Temperature Controls
Heat generated by diesel equipment may cause gases and flammable materials to ignite or explode.  It is therefore necessary to reduce the temperature of DX Equipment to less than the specified value for operation in a potentially explosive atmosphere and to prevent any sparking from occurring. Miretti Americas DX Equipment has protection controls for engine surface temperature, exhaust temperature, fluid temperatures and brake temperatures.  For example, the Water Cooled Exhaust Gas Cooler, limits the surface and exhaust temperatures to the specified temperature class.

Explosion Proof Enclosures

Explosion Proof Enclosures protect all cabling, wiring, valves and electrical components, ignition system, and battery. 
An Explosion Proof Enclosure is a case or housing that has been tested and approved to contain electrical components or apparatus. Although the joints of Explosion Proof enclosures will permit the entry of explosive vapors, the strength of the enclosures must contain any internal explosion. The enclosures of Miretti Americas DX Equipment have been hydrostatically tested for internal explosive resistance to pressures in excess of requirements without failure.

Flame and Spark Omission
Flames and sparks are ignition sources that must be prevented in hazardous locations. Miretti Americas DX Equipment prevents flame or spark omission from the exhaust and air intake systems with flame arrestors. The DX exhaust system includes a first heat exchanger for cooling the exhaust fumes prior to their passage through a flame arrester.  The exhaust output from the flame arrester is then passed through to a second heat exchanger.  The output of the second heat exchanger is then passed through a dry secondary cooler which includes a spark arrestor. The air intake system also contains a flame arrestor.

Emission Control
It is further necessary and desirable to reduce the pollutants emitted by the diesel equipment and not add to the gases and flammable substances already present.  The flame arrester oxidizes the pollutants present in the exhaust fumes with metal foils coated by a noble metal
.  This eliminates the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.  Thus, the flame arrester also functions as a remover of pollutants and is self cleaning.   The flame arrestor on Miretti Americas DX Equipment is integrated with an emission control device. 

Automatic shutoffs
Automatic shutoffs serve as additional safeguards for diesel equipment.  Miretti Americas DX Equipment provides automatic shutoffs to ensure against: engine over speed, low engine oil pressure and unacceptably hot radiator water temperature. For example, a mechanical negative pressure system with electrical switch prevents over speed condition by shutting off the air and fuel system.

Worldwide Third Party Explosion Proof Certifications

Miretti Americas DX Equipment is certified by Internationally Recognized Testing Laboratories that require conformity to the most exacting standards.

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